Where Can I Find A Provider Of Lenox Hill Periodontics?

When it comes to oral health issues, gum disease is one of the most invasive. If left untreated, gum disease can result in significant loss of gum and bone tissue. As the leading cause of tooth loss among US adults, with the potential to complicate patients’ eligibility for certain replacement options, your expert in Lenox Hill periodontics provides the valuable service of periodontal maintenance, to make sure your gums are healthy and stay that way. As an experienced periodontist, making use of some of the most sophisticated treatment technology and techniques in the field, Dr. Cynthia R. Gomez is helping so many patients avoid the difficulties of suffering from advanced periodontal disease.

Lenox Hill Periodontics

Just like your general dentist wants to help prevent dental decay, your Lenox Hill periodontics specialist is focused on the health of your gums, helping to prevent the development of gum disease in your mouth. Gum disease begins with the accumulation of dental plaque. Home to colonies of harmful bacteria, while some can latch onto the teeth causing decay, some of the bacteria migrates down into the gums, hardening into tartar. When patients don’t brush or floss regularly, tartar buildup can eventually make it impossible to rid the gums of bacteria deep down without the help of a professional. Patients who have suffered from gum disease in the past are at increased risk for its recurrence. Recommending periodontal maintenance for all patients, by scheduling regular visits and brushing and flossing routinely, you can keep away gum disease, keeping your teeth and maintaining the contours of your face.

When it comes to your periodontal health, prevention is the most cost effective strategy. To get started on your preventive periodontal maintenance program, contact Dr. Gomez at Dental Implants in the City. Regarded as an exceptional Lenox Hill periodontics specialist, she can help you establish and maintain the health of your smile. To make an appointment, call the number below.


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