Where can I find a 10022 Sedation Dentist?

For an experienced periodontist, committed to putting your health, comfort and treatment goals first, look to the office of Cynthia Gomez DDS for your oral healthcare needs. Dr. Gomez has established an exceptional reputation over the years for providing the highest quality specialized periodontal and implant care. Recipient of numerous awards, and an active member of some of the foremost dental organizations, Dr. Gomez remains current with the latest technology, techniques and research to better suit the needs of her patients. Whether you’re in need for advanced laser treatment of gum disease at any stage, bone and soft tissue grafting services, or the latest options in implant dentistry, as your 10022 sedation dentist, you can expect your treatment to be not only effective but as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible.

10022 Sedation Dentist

If you’re like the many patients across the US who experience dental anxiety or phobia, you’ll be relieved to learn that your 10022 sedation dentist offers a variety of services to help put you at ease for your procedure. Depending on the procedure and the severity of anxiety, oral sedation or intravenous conscious sedation may be offered. Oral sedation comes in the form of a pill, prescribed prior to your appointment. Oral sedatives are highly effective in soothing your nerves and make our patients feel at ease for their treatment. We also offer IV sedation for patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety. IV sedation is extremely effective at relaxing our patients, and always performed under the close watch of a professional who has received specialized advanced training and certification by the state Board of Dental Examiners.

If you’ve been putting off getting the treatment you require due to dental anxiety or phobia, your 10022 sedation dentist is here to help. Offering conscious sedation and a wide range of specialized periodontal and implant services for restoring your smile, you can expect to receive the most gentle conscientious and effective care at our office. To schedule your next visit, contact the office of Cynthia Gomez DDS today!

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