Where can I find a 10022 Periodontist?

At Dental Implants in the City, your experienced 10022 periodontist provides a wide range of advanced specialty services. From the most leading-edge laser-assisted treatment for gum disease, to periodontal surgery and bone grafting, as well as the provision of dental implants, all utilizing the foremost technology and techniques, you can rely on our specialist when it comes to your oral health

When you first visit our office, Dr. Gomez will perform a comprehensive periodontal examination. Beginning with a review of your medical and dental histories, any factors which may influence the development of gum disease or limit the scope of your treatment will be determined. Utilizing the foremost diagnostic technology, diagnostic films are taken as needed, and a screening for oral cancer is performed. Because periodontal disease at any stage can result in loss of gum tissue, your 10022 periodontist will gently measure the depth of any pockets between the tooth and gums. Any recession of gum tissue or tooth mobility will also be noted and evaluated. For patients considering replacing teeth with dental implants, we may recommend a scan be taken from our PreXion 3-D Imaging scanner so that we can assess your dental anatomy and plan your treatment accordingly. PreXion scans provide us with a three-dimensional image of your dental anatomy, giving us the ability to plan implant surgery with remarkable precision, for the best possible outcomes.

10022 Periodontist

Your initial periodontal exam is a critical step in your care at our office. By accurately diagnosing the condition of your periodontal health, our 10022 periodontist can begin to plan the best methods for reestablishing your healthy smile. Here at Dental Implants in the City, our skilled periodontist is committed to excellence, and will do what it takes to restore your smile to optimal condition. From the advanced treatment of gum disease, to bone grafting and implant dentistry, it’s our mission to restore your overall quality of life. To schedule your initial periodontal exam, give us a call today!

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