Periodontist in Lenox Hill

Lenox Hill Periodontist

Did you know that as many as 47.2%—that’s 64.7 million—US adults suffer from mild, moderate or severe periodontitis, the more advanced form of gum disease? Your periodontist in Lenox Hill is no stranger to these numbers and is doing her part to help patients reestablish and maintain their oral health. At Dental Implants in the City, your experienced periodontist provides a comprehensive range of treatment options for gum disease, as well as tooth replacement, and restoration of lost bone and gum tissue. Using the most leading edge techniques and technology, it’s no wonder why Dr. Cythia R. Gomez has developed such an excellent reputation in her field.

Periodontist in Lenox Hill

As a periodontist in Lenox Hill, Dr. Gomez encourages patients to receive regular preventative care and maintenance for gum health. This can prevent gum disease from developing and causing damage that becomes quite complicated to reverse. For patients with developed cases of gum disease, she provides the state of the art in treatment options, offering expert scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) services, as well as osseous/flap surgery and LANAP laser gum surgery for the surgical treatment of gum disease. One of the difficulties with developed gum disease is that results of tooth loss often leaves patient’s mouths with an insufficient amount of gum and bone tissue for the successful replacement of lost teeth with dental implants. Your periodontist in Lenox Hill provides bone and gum tissue grafting services, to help make patients eligible for tooth replacement with dental implants, or implant supported dentures.

Whatever the state of your gum health, visiting your expert periodontist in Lenox Hill will help you get on top of your overall oral health. Whether you’re in need of a deep cleaning, surgical gum treatment, tissue grafting, or the replacement of lost teeth with dental implants, Dental Implants in the City has got you covered. To schedule an appointment with their exceptional periodontist, call the number below.


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