Manhattan sleep apnea

Where can I find treatment for sleep apnea in Manhattan?

Most mornings when you wake up, do you find that you have a headache? Do you feel fatigued even after getting a full night’s rest? If you answered yes, you may be among over 25 million across the US who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is a serious and potentially life threatening disorder which involves repeated pauses in breathing during sleep, obstructing the intake of oxygen during the night. At the office of Cynthia Gomez, your Manhattan sleep apnea treatment specialist provides treatment for sleep apnea in the form of dental appliances.

Manhattan sleep apnea

It’s not atypical of partners of patients with sleep apnea to complain of their loud and frequent snoring, and abrupt awakenings in the middle of the night. With obstructive sleep apnea, the muscles of the throat and mouth relax during sleep, falling back into the upper airway and restricting the passage of air. Snoring is usually caused by an obstructive flap of soft tissue that is resting over the breathing passageway, so if you snore, you may want to get evaluated. With the use of custom oral appliances—much like mouth guards—your Manhattan sleep apnea treatment specialist can help keep your airway open during your resting hours with a comfortable appliance that fits easily in your mouth and holds up the soft tissues that would otherwise clog your airway. Custom molded to the grooves and crests of your mouth, sleep apnea appliances are extremely comfortable and help provide a restful night’s sleep for countless patients.

Many patients report having a better night’s rest, feeling much sharper and more energetic throughout the day with the help of a sleep apnea appliance. And that’s not even mentioning the added bonus for bed partners of sleep apnea patients as well! Whether you or your partner have been exhibiting signs of OSA, call your Manhattan sleep apnea treatment specialist at the office of Cynthia Gomez to find out if a sleep apnea appliance can help.

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