Lenox Hill Periodontal Office

Periodontal Office in Lenox Hill

When it comes to the health of your gums, finding a Lenox Hill periodontal office providing state-of-the-art oral care is a must. At Dental Implants in the City, their expertly trained periodontist makes use of the most leading edge technology and techniques when treating her patients. The leading cause of tooth loss among adults, gum disease is a serious disease that can develop over a long period of time asymptomatically, but once its effects have been observed, getting treatment as soon as possible is critical for reestablishing the health of your mouth. With the help of your experienced periodontist, consider becoming proactive about your oral health, and making a visit to Dr. Cynthia R. Gomez.

Lenox Hill Periodontal Office

Gum disease starts when the colonies of bacteria found in plaque begin to migrate down into the soft pockets of the gums. Hardening into rock-like substances called tartar, once the bacteria takes root deep down, it becomes harder to remove with simple flossing and brushing. If the bacteria isn’t carefully removed, it can begin to spread and result in the loss of gum and bone tissue, and over time the loss of teeth. When bacteria take root deep down in the gums, it’s necessary for your periodontist to intervene. Your Lenox Hill periodontal office provides the foremost surgical treatments for the removal of gum disease that has developed deep in the gum tissue. Offering LANAP—laser assisted gum surgery—as well as osseous/flap surgery, your periodontist artfully removes any bacteria in the gums with the most skillful precision.

Depending on the extent to which gum disease has developed in your mouth, you’ll want to discuss which treatment options are most suitable for you at your Lenox Hill periodontal office. At Dental Implants in the City, Dr. Gomez also stresses the importance of gum maintenance after receiving treatment, which can be an enormous help in preventing gum disease from taking root in the future. If you’re serious about reestablishing your oral health, and helping to maintain smile, schedule an appointment with Dr. Gomez for the utmost quality in periodontal care.


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