Are you suffering from 10022 Sleep Apnea?

Did you know that 1 out of every 50 adults has an undiagnosed case of 10022 sleep apnea? At Dental Implants in the City, our experienced periodontist doesn’t only provide the highest quality periodontal and implant services for your smile—Dr. Gomez also provides treatment for mild to moderate cases of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is a chronic condition which can result in excessive daytime fatigue, making it a potentially life-threatening health concern. For patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea, our periodontist provides a simple and non-invasive treatment to help you get a more restorative night’s rest.

10022 Sleep Apnea

So what exactly is obstructive 10022 sleep apnea? OSA is a condition which restricts the flow of oxygen to the brain while you sleep. When we sleep, it’s natural for the soft tissues of our throat to slacken. For patients with OSA however, this slackening occurs to the point of obstructing the airway. According to the latest research, patients with sleep apnea can stop breathing hundreds of times throughout the night, from a few seconds to over a minute at a time. There are a variety of side effects which result from the restriction of oxygen to the brain. From morning headaches, irritability and memory loss, to daytime fatigue, perhaps the most dangerous symptom is failure to get a restorative night’s rest. At Dental Implants in the City, our skilled periodontist offers a treatment solution, proven to be effective in treating most cases of mild to moderate sleep apnea. By fabricating a customized dental appliance, contoured to every ridge and rise of your smile, your airway can be kept open throughout the night. Sleep apnea appliances work by comfortably supporting the jaw in a forward position, helping you to breath freely throughout the night.

When it comes to dental sleep medicine, you can depend on Dr. Cynthia Gomez to provide you with the exceptional quality care you deserve. Providing customized oral appliances to treat 10022 sleep apnea, you’ll be in excellent hands at our office. To schedule your next appointment, call us today!

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